Old Is Serious…Aging Is Hilarious

Growing old gracefully…not so much.

They Call Me The (Room To Room) Wanderer

Welcome to my new blog. I do two others, called A Chocolate Life, which reviews new and interesting chocolate bars I find, and Notes For My Next Life, which deals with a variety of topics, mostly involving my forays into running, swimming, cycling, and triathlons and the trials and tribulations that come with those.

This blog is different. This is about the act and art of getting older, maybe smarter and hopefully surviving well. I came in my home office to sit down and write this, but initially forgot why I walked in, having stopped to empty the dryer, feed the cat, take out the dinner dishes, and fix a cup of tea. By the time I finished those tasks, it’s no wonder I cannot remember why I’m here.

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Age creates the dance known as the can’t remember two step. We take two steps into a room, cannot recall why we went in there, back out and retrace our steps long enough to either figure it out or see something that jogs us into recollection. It’s annoying but necessary, mostly because we’re losing brain cells and the remaining ones are full of other stuff we cannot get rid of. It’s a lot easier to clean out a bedroom closet or kitchen cabinets than your mind. You want to hold on to those thoughts that give you pleasure, the emotional ties to people you miss, and places you’ve visited that never look as good in a photograph as they do in memory. And far from slowing down and relaxing as we age, we’re a nation of busy older people; still working, working out, sharing, and learning. So don’t be alarmed when we walk in with that blank expression on our faces. We’re not lost or confused. We’re just trying to remember if coming in was important.

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