Your Mission, Should You Decide To Accept It…

I have a short trip planned in April. Five days in Denver, and I am flying there.

I am already panicked. My airline of choice allows two carry on bags of very specific size, plus a purse. I have not been faced with the necessity of packing light in years. We’ve done most of our traveling by car, or nonstop flights and The Husband and I don’t/won’t/can’t seem to agree when it comes to sharing a suitcase. So we always over-pack. And while I don’t consider myself to be high maintenance, I consider my age sufficient reason to pack anything I conceivably need in the way of personal care. Clothes are less of an issue, though I admit I don’t like to wear something more than once. But I can adapt to multi-use when it comes to pulling on a pair of jeans two days in a row, or hand-washing a few things.

But doing without my beauty routine? I’m like a well-loved and carefully conditioned vintage automobile. You don’t wash it with dish soap and shine her with cheap auto store polish, do you? No; you order a special soap that gently removes the dirt, expensive wax just for her color and fine cloths and polishers to preserve the finish. Then there’s the interior and exterior detail products, wheel cleaners, window and headlight cleaners…it’s no different for me. I’m not demanding, I’m just a high-end product in need of other high-end products. It’s the price you pay for trying to look this good as you get older.

This will be a challenge: meeting the airline security regulations while managing my personal glam squad looks as a party of one with limited resources. I’m thinking a lineup of small, smartly matched and neatly labeled bottles, making me look every inch the sophisticated traveler.

Or I will hit the “travel minis” bin at the drugstore and stock up. Not as thoughtful but at least I won’t be leaving my looks at home.

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