It Takes A Village To Look This Good, People!

Decades ago, I could wake up, roll out of bed, use my fingers to comb my hair, dash on a little makeup, throw on some clothes and head out the door in about a half-hour. OK, 45 minutes if I allowed time for a shower.

Now, not so much. Not that it takes more time, just that the time must be used better to hide more flaws and play up what’s left of my charms.

There’s all kinds of products out there for the mature set. Specialized cosmetics, creams, potions, skin lotions, treatments. All of it to give you a healthy and youthful glow. And don’t get me started on the hair thing. From conditioners and coloring to straighteners and relaxers, you could try something new on any given part of your body every day and die still trying to get to them all.

Then toss in the pharmaceutical treatments, including injections, and outright plastic surgery, and it’s no longer a youth movement. More like a shove over the cliff.

I’m not against looking your best, whether you’re all in turning back the clock or taking a sledgehammer to Mother Time. It’s something we can all strive for every day. And I’m guilty of maintaining my own medicine cabinet full of products, plus the spares on the “beauty shelf” in the walk in closet (hey, they were on sale!). The Husband long ago figured out he needed a medicine cabinet of his own; sharing is out of the question. And as for our bathroom shower…I’ve pretty much taken over the window ledge and the shower caddy with my products.

The short version of this: it takes a lot to look like you’re doing nothing at all as you age. Think of yourself like a fine and expensive automobile. You don’t use cheap filters, fluids and cleaning products for maintenance. You wind up using too much too often. Go for the best, use less and look fabulous. It’s an investment, not an expenditure.

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