I’m Awake…$!&% Hurts!

Staying active during the day was never really a big deal for me. As long as I was groovin’ and movin’ nothing about my older self bothered me.

Getting up in the morning is another matter. That’s when I tend to notice the twinges, pinches, pulls and pains that accompany a life lived running, swimming, cycling, having incidents and accidents and just not getting a rest day now and then.

I have a pain relief collection that rivals anything at your local drugstore. Shelves in my closet, not to mention a medicine cabinet separate from The Husband, with pills, salves, patches, gels, swabs, wraps, and lotions. Plus the high-tech heating pad tucked into the living room couch (trust me, I never put that away) and a small TENS device that I actually bought for the better half, but he hated and I wound up using with some success.

I’ve added prescription steroid cream to the collection recently, thanks to a cranky elbow. My personal favorite is the super-effective, super-stinky known as Biofreeze.™ I met up with this product when it was a freebie sample packet in a race goodie bag, and I’ve been hooked from first squeeze. The odor is enough to make your honey hunker down in another room for the night, but the stuff is magic. And you need this kind of magic to make it to a (mostly) pain-free morning sometimes.

Age should never stop activity, though it may alter its course, speed and frequency. Age may necessitate the intervention of a good masseuse, chiropractor or sports medicine practitioner. Invest in the help of experts. Have a “go for the glam squad” on your side to keep you moving. We’ll all get older. But we want to do it while we reset our PRs and make the kids look tired and exhausted doing it. I can tell you there’s nothing more satisfying than being the oldest person in the office and the only one who can climb three flights of stairs every morning to get there.

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