My Post-Lock Down Shopping List

There are a few things I need once the lock down is lifted and shopping in regular malls and retail stores begins again. But the list is not what you think.

I really hate to shop for myself and only do so when something needs to be replaced, or if it’s for competition purposes, and even then, I’m likely to go the online route. But I’m all in when it comes to shopping the locally-owned stores and cannot wait to see those merchants again. I know many have been doing what they can to stay afloat these last two months. My cycle shop has been very creative, offering door-to-door bike repairs, service and delivery of parts, triathlon gear, and anything a starved competitor needs right now. Local restaurants have offered boxed brunches (coffee, quiche and pastry), “stud muffin specials” (assorted fruit and chocolate muffins by the half-dozen) and Mama’s Sunday Meals (salad, appetizer, entree, and dessert for families of four or more).

There’s a few things I need to find when allowed back to the retail stores, and yes, I could get them online. But this is where the control freak takes over and I just have to do this in person:

Socks: Most of mine (except for my running socks) have holes in them from being worn all day, every day to “work” in my home office sans shoes.

Cotton gloves: Because if your hands are anything like mine, they look like the Sahara Desert met a bad grade of sandpaper, thanks to all the hand washing.

Makeup: Not that I’ve been wearing much, other than foundation, a brush of bronzer and if I have to go out, a bit of mascara to eliminate that shut-in-all-day look as I gaze out over my designer face mask (quite fabulous, thanks to a neighbor who sews). But as most women know, nothing makes you feel better than a new eye shadow palette, especially when you combine it with a bag of good chocolates on sale.

Good soap: I have a couple of imported bars left, courtesy of my brother who got them from Harrods during a business trip to Europe. The scented soap from over the pond is better than ours—they use real flower oils, not chemical additives, to make their soap smell like rose or lavender or lily of the valley. I dislike perfume, body spray and scented lotion but a hot shower with fine soap is an indulgence after a workout, hours doing yard work or detailing the car or before bed.

So there’s my corona virus cravings list. It’s not overly indulgent or selfish. Just a few things I miss. Stay safe. We are getting through this. I am not sure if we are winning this fight though. We are still losing too many loved ones. And keep the scientists working towards treatments and a vaccine in your thoughts.

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