Well, That Was Ugly (for a day)

I have now received both of my COVID shots. Yay, me.

First shot a month ago produced mild symptoms, mostly a sore arm. Second shot was worse than the first. I felt well enough a few hours after to go on an afternoon run. Felt fine to cook and eat dinner. THEN it hit. Feverish, body aches, and chills so severe I needed a winter blanket and comforter to warm up overnight. Very little sleep that night, and when I did get up, it felt like walking barefoot on an ice rink. I looked at the thermostat (it was normal) and then wondered why the &%!$ the weatherman misjudged the overnight temperatures. Nope…just me.

The symptoms lasted about a day; there was not enough hot tea or soup in the house to calm the chills. They departed on their own, and I was fine after 24 hours.

I am very glad I did this, and for the greater realm of humanity, I did this for you. So I hopefully cannot either get or pass the virus to anyone you know. So they don’t get sick and suffer, and possibly die. So they don’t miss time from work, school, activities, and loved ones. I still mask up and social distance, even though I have gone back to competing again. We can live and love and resume activities, but in a way that respects not only each other, but the fact that the virus dictates how things happen, and science dictates how we change the course of how things happen. Not herbal supplements, finger-pointing blame games, bleach imbibing, or casting aside all ideas of sanity and reason by declaring personal rights as more pivotal than public health. The experts with M.D., Ph.D. and other letters designating advanced education should be our guides, not politicians pandering to their ignorant and chanting masses, many of whom don’t believe in vaccinations, but believe that their way is the only way, and any other way is a path to Hell.

Turn off the crazy, if you can. Find reason and meaning and get your shot on behalf of the planet. We’d like you to stick around.

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