Company’s Coming! Or, The New World Version Of Face Time With Family

Next weekend, we get to do something we have not done in a year and a half. We host a family member in our house.

Funny how strange this is. Pre-COVID, I never would have thought about it, beyond the usual tidy up the place and make sure our visitor (my niece) will be comfortable for her overnight visit. Now it’s about the scrub and sanitize. I am not turning into my mother; I am way past that point. That ship sailed a long time ago. I actually make a day-to-day task list of what and when to clean. Today, it is the guest room itself and the bed sheets are in the wash as we virtually speak. Last week, we bought a new living room couch and donated the old one. Today, we shopped for a couple of fancy pillows and a throw to gussy up a perfectly nice new couch that arrived with pillows. We were fortunate to get a new couch in a week, given the back orders and delays on many furniture items. It is nice and just what we wanted.

It’s good to have company after a period of isolation. I am a loner by design, and my sports preferences pretty much give that away. My brother and his family will be coming into town as well, though not staying with us (a member of his household is cat-averse. Something to do with allergies). It will be good to wine and dine and see everyone, even if we do walk into restaurants with face masks on (fine with me; we are all vaccinated). We have a lot of catching up to do and while we can talk via text, Zoom and email, the digital conversation is not the same. Face to face is a multi-dimensional means of communication, and it’s fun to do when you enjoy a meal at the same time. We can pass the appetizers, share the entrees, and exchange the latest family news all at once. No letter, card, or digital device ever bridges the divide the way real face time does it.

I did my first 10K yesterday, on Day 99 since the foot surgery. Hot out there, but the foot held up well. It’s good to be back in the running.

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