Rage Against The Virus

OK, we’re all understandably a little scared. And anxious and nervous and needy. Not to mention concerned about having enough TP to last another week.

Stop a minute. COVID-19 is serious stuff. Whole newscasts consist of nothing but reporting on it, plus hour-long news specials filled with experts, numbers, data, statistics, and a daily dose “don’t worry, it will all blow over” from the orange-tinted mumbler-in-chief.

We’re racing from store to store, scouting out the chicken breasts, cheese snacks and sanitizing scrubs like no more will ever arrive. And don’t get me started on the paper towel police roaming the aisles.

Let’s be a little more rational about this. Stop listening to the Internet conspiracy kooks or the workplace wonks. I have two in my office; I call them the Doomsday Sisters. Their job seems to be convincing the rest of us we will be dead by either disease or lack of frozen vegetables by tomorrow.

I’m not suggesting we get over it. We may have a long way to go before the world is over this, and it will take science and compassion to get there. In the meantime, let’s find a little normal and do it every day:

Get outside and exercise (outdoor yoga while playing sitar music will annoy your neighbors stuck behind their miniblinded-windows). Ride a bike, walk, run, jump rope. Use weights, a medicine ball or stretch ropes inside.

Get outside and do all those projects you promised yourself: paint the garage, stain the deck, plant a garden, create a rock garden. If your elderly neighbors are housebound, offer to work in their yard.

Write real letters and read real books. In a digital world, we forget how much fun it is to be in touch with literature.

Read up on healthy living and eating and start doing it. If ever there was a need to keep the immune system at its peak, it’s now.

Write poetry, a novel or start a blog. Document your experiences at this time for later generations, so they know what to expect when the next pandemic arrives.

Mostly, don’t give up or give in to fear, especially if you’re older. A lot of people think that the corona virus is out to decimate the elders of the world because we are simply more vulnerable due to age and health issues. I say get mad, get even, and we will all get better.

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