I Got A Digital Babysitter For The Holidays

The smartwatch was not my idea, I swear.

The Husband thought I needed one. I’m not sure if he meant well or is trying to kill me. But I am wearing it. And despite my best efforts to dislike the thing, I am attached to it. Bad pun, and it won’t be the last one for 2021.

It’s comfortable, and it’s all black, so it is sleek and cool-looking. And it does a lot of stuff, and tells you things about yourself you didn’t know, and maybe didn’t want to know. Like your resting heart rate, your workout heart rate, how many steps you take, calories burned, floors climbed, food and water consumption, what the weather is, alarm settings, relaxation reminders, pace and distance for a host of different exercises. You can listen to music on it, and if you want a Get Smart moment, you can use it as your phone, thus giving new meaning to “talk to the hand.”

I wasn’t thrilled with all of this information, and not keen on the idea of the “community” that comes with owning the device. The virtual community is very keen on me, however. They welcome you with the enthusiasm of Richard Simmons, but it’s a Billy Banks-tough crowd. Everyone has an agenda, and wants to talk about what they’ve accomplished thanks to the motivation provided by their wrist-borne minder.

And I’ll admit that wearing a smartwatch changes things. I compared the miles shown on my bike ride to those on my bike-mounted GPS and the computer-mapped ride route. The bike isn’t as accurate when compared to the watch and computer. And I do run longer with the watch on, mostly out of guilt because it’s in running mode and tracking me. And so help me, I bought the digital water bottle that syncs to the watch, in order to track my fluid intake (OK, I justified it because the price was good and I tend to become dehydrated. I also bought running socks and shirts, so the shipping was free).

And I did make some other decisions, such as cleaner eating, more respect for physical pain (I have a stupidly high tolerance for pain), taking more chances with different types of competition, and of course getting the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

Did I need a smartwatch? Nope, but it’s interesting wearing a nudzh on my arm. I will be curious to see it it makes me a better competitor over the coming weeks and months.

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