Foot Up, Out Of Action — Just Temporary

I waited out the pandemic to do it, but it’s done. That fugly foot bump known as a bunion was shaved off my left foot and into history nine days ago, by the same surgeon who did the same thing on my right foot twenty years ago.

My toes are blue-black (at least, what little I can see of them) but all the toenails are still attached. The staples pull and ache and the foot is itchy, but at least I can put some weight on it now. For the first five days, I was attached to a four-wheel scooter as my sole mode of transportation (you don’t want to ask me about crutches). My house is mid-1980s closed concept, so there are narrower doors and bumps and sharp turns. I fell once, but nothing was damaged aside from my ego; I was able to maneuver off the bathroom floor and get upright again.

To be fair, I’d give myself an A- for preparation; I stocked food and supplies, made sure my prescriptions were refilled, the ice maker worked (the number of post-surgical ice packs was astounding), laundry was done, and I had protein powder for shakes and vitamins for recovery. It seems to be working; the staples come out Tuesday, less than two weeks after surgery.

I am looking forward to getting back to getting out there. I have a 10K booked in September and swim meets in August and October. It’s not fun to watch other people sweat while being on the sidelines.

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