This Surgical Boot Is No Longer Made For Walkin’

Staples, boot, and bandages are a thing of the past, and I can put weight on both feet now. Not bad at 25 days out of surgery. Thursday will be the full four weeks, and by next week, after another post-operative visit, I hope to be on the bike, at least on the indoor trainer, riding again.

I got into the pool this morning, just freestyle and backstroke with limited kicking. But 75 minutes was longer than I thought I could do, so I was happy with that. The surgical site is still a little swollen, but the foot is back to a normal shade of skin tone, rather than black and blue. I’ve been able to do enough yard work to make the place look like humans live here. I made cookies for the husband yesterday (none for me, since I am not up to normal workout levels yet) and can mostly stand long enough to make full meals and clean the house to a decent extent. I can drive, though I keep the trips short. Grocery store visits are done with a strict list and mostly along the perimeter.

I cannot mow the lawn, wash the car or walk on uneven ground yet. No running for another month. No stairs or hard exercise walking yet. But overall progress is good and I am looking at the competition schedule. First swim meet comes up in August, when I won’t be quite 100%. I accept that, and I am going anyway. It will be good to see people and approach normal again.

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