Three Weeks Of Work…Or Insanity?

This weekend starts the first of three competition weekends, and I don’t normally ever do three weeks in a row. I have no idea what I was smoking when I thought this was a good idea.

First up is 60K cycling (20K, a 30-minute rest, then 40K) for the senior games. Next week is a solid weekend of swimming, then a 10K road race to finish out the year. Good thing Christmas comes next and there’s nothing to do but rest (and eat) because I may not be moving too well by then.

Not a real complaint here; I’ve done what I can to be ready for everything and my gear is good to go. Not sure about how the body will hold up, but there are solutions for that, thanks to a well-stocked medicine cabinet.

I am thankful to be able to move and go forward when so many others my age cannot do so. So many are dead and affected long-term by COVID (and many more could be with the new variant). Many cannot or are unwilling to travel due to financial considerations or the possibility of infection. Our new normal is governed by the very real possibility of never returning to the expectations of a pre-pandemic world, living within the confines of cautious movement and being careful before carefree thinking, only to consistently meet aggressive and hateful messages from others who slam us for thinking health and safety first.

Go forth in the competition world, my friends, but do it with thoughts of your health and the health of others in mind. Think about how you would feel, sick and alone, contemplating your end because of someone else insisting their freedoms were the most important thing on earth. Let’s get the science right, without fear and panic.

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