The End (of the race season) Is In Sight—And Retirement Is Coming!

The final road race of the season is Monday. A 5K with what passes for hills here. I did it last year and was not ready for the elevation meltdown at the end. This year, with additional practice on bridges and my kickboxing routine, I hope to do better.

I don’t race during the summer months, because Mama did not raise stupid, only crazy. It’s too hot here, even in the evening, for anything more than yard work and a cold drink. Oh, I still train; running and cycling happen early. And swim meets do happen in the summer. But road races are on hold until September.

Kickboxing has been fun and progress is happening. I get down and up off the floor faster and burn calories at a better rate. I also look at food differently. I can walk away from temptation more easily because it makes less sense to give in. I don’t look at it as “good” vs “bad” food any longer. It’s more about the food you need vs food you don’t need.

But the big news is that a retirement date has been chosen in May 2023. I am doing my research and getting the finances together to make it work. I will not take Social Security at that point (but will be Medicare-eligible) and plan to work part-time. After all, running shoes, bike repairs, competition swimsuits, and event fees don’t get cheaper. And we all know food prices aren’t going anywhere but up. I have a notebook for “Project Outta Here!” underway that has everything from projected expenses to a long list of potential part-time work opportunities. There are a lot of things I’d like to try for money and a few I’d want to do as a volunteer. I’ve never worked for myself, I have done a lot of freelance writing and definitely want more control over my life. After 45 years of full-time work (plus a few years of part-time employment combines with school), it’s not just time to move on, it’s time to invent a new life phase.

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