The Fix-It List

It never fails. Every weekend, there is a to-do list.

Stuff to fix, take care of, buy, deal with, or otherwise handle.

I like lists. I live and die by them when I work every day. I would rather not do the same on the weekends. But that’s how life works.

This weekend’s list started with the sound of shattering glass at 3:45 Monday morning. A large glass-framed piece of artwork made its way off the wall and onto the floor. Glass breaking makes a lot of noise when the rest of the house is silent. Five days later, I am still finding a tiny glass shard here and there. So a new frame started the list.

Then came small paper cups, which I have not found; a strange thing to go missing from store shelves, but school starts in a week, so it may be a hot commodity for that reason.

Had to hit the bank, the pet store (kitty litter), and the gourmet food shop (The Husband likes certain banana brands over others, and who walks out of a place like that with only bananas), and before you know it, a stop or two becomes a list.

There’s the stuff on the list that just continuously stays there — researching retirement (now nine months away!) and what and where to race when the season starts in a month (with an 8K trail run). I need a new T-shirt shelf for my race shirts (which means clearing off some things) and the second pair of running shoes. Also putting together a cleaning and cooking schedule so that everything is done at home.

It’s going to be a great season with a lot of changes and things to look forward to. Life will change, but it will keep moving forward.

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