Cold Enough For A Double Shot (And Tea…And Ramen)

Today’s 10K was a 100% rain event. In other words, it started raining 10 minutes before the gun, and it still has not stopped.

And it’s chilly in this part of the country. And while not even close to freezing, once you’re wet, it does not get better. I drove home wet. It was raining so hard that it made no sense to change to something dry. That kind of rain. I made it worse by stopping to help a friend’s daughter’s band at their state competition. I was already soaked, so what’s another hour outside?

I smelled like a wet dirty dog when I got home. So did pretty much everything I owned. A hot shower and a load of laundry cured the scent. And a double espresso did the deed for my tired insides. I followed it with glasses of hot green tea and ramen noodles in chicken broth. Thank goodness for a well-stocked pantry and no need to stop for anything on the way home. I would have been rowing across parking lots to get into a store.

Thanksgiving is this weekend. Life has not been fun for all of us, though things have improved for many post-pandemic. We’re working, though our money is not keeping up with the cost of our needs, let alone our wants. Politics still divide us, and the holidays haunt many who miss loved ones they’ve lost. Finding common ground is complicated. I look for very small things now, to reach out and hand someone a reminder that I’m here, I’ll talk, I’ll help and I’ll listen. Oh, and a hot cup of whatever suits you? I can bring that beverage, too.

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