Espresso Shots Part 2: We Added Stuff And Now We’re Fancy

It’s cold here today, at least by southern standards.

My run was done at 36 degrees this morning because the cowards I swim with voted to close the pool. Seriously, why do that? The pool is heated. OK, getting out and dashing through the dimly-lit chill isn’t a thrill, but it’s not that far to the locker room and hot showers. Besides, who gets a choice in the weather when you compete? If you want to race in it, you need to practice in it.

But the run was nice. No one else out there, except a few folks forced to walk their dogs. The dogs looked happy. The humans, less so.

We had a few deliveries at the house this week. Among them was a set of insulated glass cappuccino cups and saucers. It’s hard to believe, but not a single home goods or department store in the area had them. Also added to the coffee bar: a hot water pot. As in, a device you fill and plug in just for boiling water. I know, I hear you. I had one in college, too. Back in the dark days, when that was all we were allowed in the dorm for food prep (unless your parents had money and would splurge on a fridge rental). That little green hot pot kept us fortified with soup, tea, coffee, hot cocoa, and instant noodles day and night, at a school where cold weather defined five of the nine months of the school year. My new one isn’t green; it’s nice shiny steel with an elegant goose-neck spout. I can display it on the coffee bar with pride.

Today’s menu will be soup and sandwiches at lunch. Dinner for me is a once-a-year favorite: escargot with butter and garlic and homemade bread and a salad. The Husband is a more conventional eater and has opted for ham, peas, and mashed potatoes. And yes, there will be a cappuccino with dessert: an open-faced apple galette.

Stay warm, keep racing, and enjoy the treats and sweets of the holidays.

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