Going From Stressed Out To Surviving Better

It’s been a helluva two weeks here.

From hacked credit cards to four weeks straight of competing to the dreaded “Check Engine Light” glowering from the dashboard to a daylong hospital stay.

And I only signed up for the four weeks of competition. Not the rest of it.

The credit cards were shut down, the charges that were not ours (it was my card and my husband’s card) were removed and our accounts are now more secure. A pain to do all that, but these days, it is necessary,

The engine light turned out to be an oxygen sensor, gone bad after almost 65,000 miles on an otherwise trouble-free vehicle. I love a lot of aspects of automotive technology; some of them have saved my life. The price of it, not so much.

The hospital was the scary one. Went into the emergency room at 2 a.m. with serious chest pain. No walking, sitting, or standing position alleviated the issue. Could not take a breath, shallow or deep, without pain. After a day of tests, the good news is that my heart is perfect. Not even a tiny bit of plaque or any blockage or other cardiac issues. Turns out it was pleurisy. I was very sick with a respiratory infection a few months back, and this is probably a vestige of that illness. I got over it in a few days, in time to go to a race, and though I did not do well, I did finish (and I was not last).

So it’s been a batcrap crazy time in life. I am grateful to be here, feeling better, and moving forward. Got a milestone birthday coming (and looking for a race to do to celebrate the move into my new age group), and still have plenty of reasons to piss off people in general. Or make them happy. It depends on my mood.

But the past two weeks have taught me that I can survive the tough times, even when running away to the proverbial circus seems like a much better idea. But if anyone has a clown car for sale, I could be interested.

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