Land Of Lost Running Socks And Planning The Next Season (!)

My house is a shrine to single socks. For some reason, it’s the expensive running socks that seem to get separated from one another.

Never the cheap-o, ten-per-pack knock-around-the-house socks. Only the nice, padded ones.

Eventually, the missing sock does (usually) turn up, stuck to something else, courtesy of static cling. I had one sock, missing its mate for over two months, only for the said mate to show up stuck to a computer cleaning cloth that I had not used (because I have others, not because I was not wiping down my devices).

I can’t blame the cats for the missing socks, and I don’t have kids. The Husband does not do the laundry, so it’s on me to ensure the entire sock wardrobe is properly matched up. At the moment, all is well in my personal world of socks.

Speaking of running: I will go a month without a road race: April has three swim events, and there’s not much going on Easter weekend. I age up in May and have two events scheduled so far. Nothing for the summer (I normally don’t compete then; it is just too hot), but I am looking ahead to 2023-2024. I plan to do more trail runs (and practice on rougher trails to get better). It’s fun to look ahead at what’s coming and think about travel and new places; most of the upcoming trail runs are in cities I have never visited.

Trail racers are an interesting bunch. You get a broad representation of humanity at these events. There are the “trails and nothing but trails” runners, who think asphalt is for wheeled conveyances, not feet. You get people who run both and have always run both. Then there’s the group that I belong to, which started running trails during the pandemic when most road races were canceled. You notice the “fully loaded” folks, with water bottles and backpacks, energy bars, and gels, looking as if they are out to test their limits of survival. The “minimalists” are wearing and carrying as little as possible, traveling light to reduce weight and not produce waste. Bug spray is a common denominator, with sunblock a close second. It’s a varied and very accepting community; more interested in celebrating the conquest of the course, rather than how fast you finish.

Two months away from the end of the season, but five months from the start of the next one. It’s been interesting, and I cannot wait for what’s next.

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