It’s Perfectly Cold Out There…So Where Is Everyone?

It was 38 degrees outside for my run this morning. Cold by our local standards. Not bad, according to the rest of the country, mostly either brushed or buried in snow, freezing rain, black ice, and/or temperatures with single digits and/or negative values.

So where was everyone this morning? I was the only runner out there. One guy on his bike, a few souls in puffy coats walking dogs wearing heavy sweaters. Was everyone heeding the days-long cries of the TV weather nerds and staying inside, snug in their Uggs and blankets and huddled around their space heaters?

This is fabulous weather for walking and running, though the wind might make cycling a bit tough without extra layers. I am glad the pools are closed today, Yesterday, at 45 degrees, getting out after practice was a singularly unpleasant experience; the post-practice hot shower reward helped.

Cold weather, and foul weather in general, is good workout weather. Other than the lightning and obvious monsoon conditions, less-than-ideal environments for practice mean preparation for the worst. You don’t get to pick race-day conditions like water and air temperature and last-minute course changes. Adding them to your daily workouts readies you for whatever comes on race day. I love way less-than-perfect days for training. They get my mind ready for less-than-perfect race conditions. And the reward afterward, whether it’s that hot shower or nice breakfast. It’s also a mood-enhancer. As in, hey, I did this! I conquered this thing, even though it was uncomfortable. I accomplished this and I am better and closer to my healthy living goal for it.

And for the days when outdoors isn’t possible, I now have kickboxing classes added to my workout agenda. Good for coordination, balance, hand-eye skills, weight loss, and enhancing the other sports. Oh, and there is the combat skill aspect. As I get older, I don’t want to be a purse-snatching or assault target. This gray-haired lady is getting some badass, beat up the bad guy skills as a bonus.

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