Old Body Parts: The Reality, And Hope For A Drag Show Of A Race

I was only half-kidding when I referred to being tired and having body bits give in and give up on me.

I am seeing a neurosurgeon in June. But not so much for something worn out. More like something built up. Just in the wrong place.

Calcification on my spine, to be exact. Good, strong bones are good. Calcium in your bones is good, especially as you get older. Calcium on your discs, pressing on your back and leg nerves…not so much.

It’s been a nagging issue for years now, but I’ve been able to grin and bear it, pill it, patch it, apply smelly roll-ons, and just medicate my way around it. It’s past that point. It needs a good scraping off. I am hoping I can have the arthroscopic version of the procedure and be back up and going as fast as possible.

The pre-surgery stuff is in the next three weeks, and my final race for the season is a night race in June. I have never done a night race, but it is a youth/elderly LGTBQ+ fundraiser, and given recent crackdowns, laws, and hate crimes, I am all for standing up for the community. Truthfully, I have been targeted at races. I am too old, fat, slow to be there. I’ve had parents goad their kids into taunting me. But never have I ever been anything but appreciated and thanked by the loud and proud rainbowed brigade. I am honestly hoping the drag community shows up at the race and really pisses off the politicians. Whether the queens can run in heels or not is up to them. I just hope they arrive in huge numbers and look fabulous.

It’s been an interesting season. I did my first ultra trail race (without knowing it was an ultra) and plan to do more of them. I am on the doorstep of a milestone birthday (and aging up to the next age group, in time for next week’s race). I finished a full year of kickboxing (which is helping everything I do). I completed my first national swim meet (not proud of the results, but we’ll call it a learning experience).

Looking forward to more (pain-free) years to come.

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